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Developing tools and research for institutions to integrate blockchain for enhanced cross-organizational productivity

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The year ahead for blockchain is an exciting one. Learn how the latest trends will affect enterprises and governments around the world.

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Integration of blockchain within a massive enterprise is a complex process. Our products and research streamline this process.


Our focus is geared towards R&D based on the trajectory of innovation brought about via different blockchain integrations by industry leaders, as well as startups.


For enterprises and government agencies around the world, we are conducting research closely with our partners and developing systems to integrate with legacy software to enhance organizational output with blockchain.


We are happy to announce our latest tool, Proof, for managing contracts and assets across blockchains, leveraging our distributed web application and sidechain.


We project that the savings in compliance will be in the trillions of dollars over the next decade through blockchain integrations. We are currently developing products to serve auditors and regulators.


Founding Research & Development Team

Mike De'Shazer

Product Lead

With over a decade of experience building 30+ web/mobile apps and premiere fintech solutions, Mike leads product development for the consortium.

David Van Isacker

Research Lead

With a Master's in Computational Mechanical Engineering, David leads technical research across blockchains, from Ethereum to Hyperledger Fabric.

Tai Kersten

Development Lead

The sole developer of his own IOT operating system for aritifical intelligence in the home, Tai leads software design and implementation for the consortium.

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